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Ich Habe Keine Angst Vor Euch!


1/22/2014 - Video

This is why I hate freakin getting on facebook. I need to un-friend half of the people I know on there because I swear, I am getting so sick of such racist things. I know it’s the stupid freakin ‘norm’ living in the south, but that doesn’t make it okay, whatsoever. The fact that it is a ‘norm’ is horrible.

Khristafer is a good friend of mine, I’ve known him for years now. He’s great. He’s also really good at calling people out and proving that they’re racist assholes.

I didn’t block out names because well, you’re welcome to harass them, (except Khristafer, obvz). Especially this Anthony idiot. Tells people to speak proper English but can’t type/spell worth a darn. Shut up and sit down.

P.S. last comment is mine. I am so proud of myself. Excuse my language.